About us

Our foundations

Construction PAROX was established in 2000.

In the last decade, Construction Parox has made a significant shift in agri-food buildings. Today, we are recognized for our extensive expertise in this type of project and are the first choice of companies of all sizes, including family businesses, looking for a contractor who understands their reality, is available and accessible.

We mainly carry out design-build and renovation projects. We favour long-lasting relationships with our clients, who are passionate business people just like us.

Our commitment towards them is total. We are their partner, we involve them at all stages of the project and we work in complete openness. This approach allows us to establish positive, genuine and long-lasting business relationships.

We are proud to work with many of our clients in the expansion of their business by carrying out more than one project for them over the years. This renewed trust over two decades is very important to us.

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Key Actors


Our team consists of more than 35 employees, including:

Martin Letendre, Eng.


Robert Deslandes, CPA, CMA, MBA

Director of FInance

Bruno Lamarre

Director of Business Development

Ala Ciobanu


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See biographies

We are action people and we only have one word.

Construction Parox is a healthy workplace where everyone can thrive. This can be seen in our work and felt in our relationships with others. It creates a ripple effect within the team, on the job site and in our relationships with customers.

Our Values

Every member of the PAROX team endorses the values put forward and, above all, everyone brings them to life on a daily basis!


To our customers: what we say is done and well done. To ourselves: we work daily in harmony with who we are, our values, our needs. We allow ourselves to develop professionally and personally within the company.


We are happy to be part of a team that includes our customers and suppliers to carry out sucessful projects. The projects are enjoyable, allow us to surpass ourselves and bring prosperity to all.


Collaboration is fundamental to our success. Collaboration means clear and honest communication, respect and support for each other. It also means being active in the team and taking the responsibilities that belong to us in order to fully play our role.


On a daily basis, we make sure to make things simple and easy between us and with our customers. Integrity, communication, rigour and transparency are the basis of this value.


Our harmonious site management makes projects run more smoothly.

Our open approach and transparent communications allow us to resolve issues quickly before they become complex problems.

Health and safety comes first.

Our employees know that we look out for them. We make sure that the rules are respected at all times.

We know that a satisfied customer is our best asset.

Our strong sense of organisation, rigour and openness reduces unpleasant surprises. Our honesty and good faith are the basis of lasting partnerships with our clients.

Our commitment to the environment is in the details.

In all its projects, Construction Parox plans eco-responsible management in order, among other things, to reduce pollution during construction and to optimally manage waste. When projects are eligible for LEED certification, we are able to ensure that all planned measures, as well as all credits selected by the client and the architect, are applied and documented.

Our contribution to the community allows us to say thank you.

Members of management are involved in local organizations and employees of Construction Parox are encouraged to join the community outreach movement. Management supports them in their commitment to causes that are important to them. In particular, Construction Parox supports La Tablée des chefs and the Centre d’entraide familiale Le grain d’Sel.