For the construction of new buildings and for extensions, we promote the contractual form of design-build. It is the most efficient.

We bring together a team of professionals made up of our loyal partners or the best partner depending on the expertise required in order to deliver a project that meets the client’s expectations and maximizes his investment budget.


Analysis of needs, requirements and resources


Preliminary design


Preliminary estimate of work


Confirmation of financing


Preliminary project outline


Reduction of construction risks


Start of construction/construction management

For us, the pre-construction phase is crucial, since it is at this stage that decisions are made that most affect the project’s deliverables and costs. From the outset, we therefore work in partnership with our clients to identify their expectations as much as possible. Of course, our fluid communication with them throughout the project allows us to adjust to changes required along the way and to skillfully meet their objectives, always at the best possible cost.

Work according to plans and specifications

When we are invited to bid on this type of project, understanding each person’s role and responsibilities in the project is key. We make sure that these aspects are properly validated and that the client’s requests and each of the requirements are clear from the outset.

We supervise the work as well as subcontractors to verify the conformity of deliverables and materials to the plans and specifications transmitted by the construction manager. We ensure the quality control of the work in order to issue the certificate of completion. The contribution of Construction Parox as a contractor in this type of project is greatly appreciated. With our solid expertise in design-build, we understand and share the overall view of the project with the manager. Even though this may go beyond our initial mandate, we proves to be an ally in helping the manager in place find ingenious solutions to the problems he  may encounter.

Work with us

Work with us

Maintenance and upgrade work

Companies often call on us to carry out maintenance or modernisation work on buildings built or not by Construction Parox.

The work can be of various types: work to improve storage or production space, to bring the building up to standard or to improve it, or urgent maintenance work when operations, the integrity of the building or safety is threatened, corrective or preventive maintenance work.

For this work, we visit the site, produce plans and specifications if necessary, and carry out the work to the customer’s satisfaction, either alone or with our subcontracting partners.

It is not uncommon that after seeing us at work for the first time on a project of this kind, the client invites us to carry out a design-build project.

Work with us

Work with us

Areas of expertise


In the agri-food industry, we have been involved over the years in a multitude of construction and renovation projects. We are able to carry out complex work without interrupting operations or with a minimal impact on them. We are also very aware of the hygiene and health standards specific to certain operations, particularly in the cheese production or meat industry.

We are aware of HACCP, CFIA and GFSI standards. We accompany our agri-food clients across Canada where their production, processing or storage facilities are located in the meat, dairy, bakery, beverage and other sectors.


Creativity and constructability are essential to the success of commercial projects and especially high-end commercial projects. This is what allows the realization of well thought-out buildings that create accessible and comfortable spaces. Construction Parox enjoys taking on these types of architecturally or technically complex projects while standing out from the point of view of respecting the schedule and budget.


Health and safety on construction sites is the priority. This is especially true for industrial building construction projects, which are often more complex and involve more risks in this area. Construction Parox has an impeccable track record and delivers perfectly successful projects, without compromising on schedules, budgets and, above all, the health and safety of the teams in place.

LEED Buildings

In all LEED projects, Construction Parox works with certified experts from its network with whom several projects have already been completed.