“We are accessible for our customers, colleagues and partners. We look for simple but innovative solutions to problems that may seem complex. Our customers know that they can rely on us, no matter what the conditions. We have only one word.

Martin Letendre, Eng.

Martin Letendre, Eng.

Martin Letendre cofounded Construction Parox in 2000. Entrepreneur at heart, he actively and successfully participated in the management of operations and business development of major construction companies before starting his own: Construction Parox. His pragmatic and humanistic vision of business management led him to complete his professional experience at the École d’entrepreneurship de Beauce (EEB) with the Entrepreneur-Elite training program. Martin exercises a mobilizing and ethical leadership in which each team member is key to achieving success and can recognize his own contribution in a project. Martin is involved with various organizations that help vulnerable families in the Montérégie region.

Director of Finance

Robert Deslandes, CPA, CMA, MBA

Robert Deslandes sees to the sound financial management of Construction Parox and to the proper conduct of the company’s administrative and legal affairs. He is the contact of choice for financial institutions, suppliers and business leaders, whose reality he understands because of his long experience in management, strategic planning and business development, having held several management positions in manufacturing, distribution and service companies, both Canadian and international. An effective and creative negotiator, Robert is convinced that most issues can be prevented with careful planning. He is committed to each project to support clients and teams in place by providing them with sound advice and the best planning and financial monitoring tools. Robert also sits on the board of directors of non-profit organizations, as president and director.

Director of Business Development

Bruno Lamarre

Bruno Lamarre knows the imperatives of the construction and design industry as well as those of contractors, having owned his own business for several years. His training in architecture and his solid experience with several builders, lead him to quickly and accurately identify the stakes of a project, especially the financial stakes, as well as the specific expectations of clients. He contributes to the meticulous preparation of preliminary projects so that the mandate is aligned with success from the start. Bruno facilitates the transition from idea to realization by combining expectations with possibilities. He also likes to create win-win situation by encouraging meetings and networking opportunities for business leaders of his vast network.


Ala Ciobanu

Ala Ciobanu holds a Master’s degree in Finance and Banking Financial Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Auditing from the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova. Her professional background includes working in the banking sector, in accounting firms and in companies in various sectors of activity for which she has acted as a controller. At Parox, Ala manages and coordinates all operational functions related to accounting and she supports the teams by ensuring rigorous monitoring of all financial aspects.


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